New Year’s 2002 Issue

THREE WITH KARIN SCHUBERT: La Punition, Bluebeard, Black Emmanuelle; PEOPLE ARE A LOT LIKE CARS… THEY GET BANGED UP: Mike Findlay as The Ultimate Degenerate; Proto-Nihilism: Arch Hall Jr. as The Sadist; Every Girl Should Have A Daddy Like Charlie: Manson; Eurosleaze Perfection: Daughters of Darkness and The Unholy Convent; Marital Discord: Bone and Marsha Jordan and Rene Bond in Swinger’s Massacre; No Dogs Or Men Allowed: Uschi Digart, Roxanne Brewer and Candy Samples in Female Chauvinists; Paul Leder Interviewed; Two By Paul Leder: I Dismember Mama and My Friends Need Killing; The Bizarre World of Bob Cresse: Love is a Four Letter Word, Hot Spur, The Scavengers, Love Camp 7, The Invitation, I Was Here But I Disappear…. The Harder They Come; Addresses of Interest; Rice and Beans: Night of the Thousand Cats, El Transsexual, Bell From Hell, Giselle; Hollywood Bougalard or Bust: Sharon Kelly as Alice Goodbody; Sleazoid Obits - An Exploitation Defeatists’ End of the Line: Lew Mishkin